Marsupial Sponsorship

Sponsorship for Matilda, Max, Maisey, Olivia, Oakley & Ouranie

Matilda & Max Bennett's Wallaby, like the kangaroo, are among the most recognized of the marsupials found in the Australian region in the wild. They are found in open areas, brush areas, rocky outcroppings and forests. The wild wallabies feed on grasses and brush. Many varieties of the wallaby exist in the world. The Bennett's Wallaby is one of the most common found in the world today.
At maturity the Bennett's Wallaby reaches a height of about 24 to 30 inches and weighs between 30 and 50 pounds.
Maisey join the wallaby family and she is an albino.

Olivia, Oakley & Ouranie our red kangaroos. The love to meet our guests and clients by giving you lots of hugs and licks.