Sponsorship for Jessie, Annabelle, Moonshine, Rocky, or Apollo

Are you a lover of cows. Then we have a lot of love here.
Jessie came to us at the age of 2 weeks. She was born without any eyes. The rancher knew that if she was left with her mom the coyotes would get her. 4 months after her arrival she was diagnosed with a heart mummer and given about 6 months to live. Jessie is now 5 years old.

Annabelle was an addition as who doesn't love a fluffy cow.

Moonshine raised on a farm was a bottle baby and followed the dogs around the farm. When he got older he went to the cow yard where the others cows picked on him, so off to the goat yard he went where he loved his new friends and let them jump on his back. He then made his new home at SJA as the farmer knew that with all the visitors Moonshine would be very happy and I know many of you who have met him have had a big lick from him.

Rocky is a miniature that fits in to our travelling ranch that we do in the community. Just the right size for those little ones who want a hug.

Apollo arrived with visual issues but it is not been a hinderance to him so far as he can make his way around the pen and meets his staff for breakfast every morning with a moo and a hop skip and run behind you with the bucket.